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Javelin Aviation Group offers the right aircraft for all workloads. Whether it is operation in hot conditions, remote areas or high altitudes, we will provide our clients with the right aircraft. We work together with clients to deliver them the aircraft with the specifications and configurations they need.

Corporate Lease

Movement and transfer of personnel require a reliable and cost efficient aircraft. Different requirements however can ultimately result in different aircraft. Regularly transporting engineers or technicians to remote areas may be done with a versatile small single engine helicopter such as the MD 520. For transporting a lot of personnel for a shift change on an oil rig in a rough ocean a reliable and spacious workhorse such as the H145 may be the better option. Transport of company executives in urban areas may yet again result in a different best choice. We are happy to discuss your requirements and offer you the most, suitable, efficient and reliable option for your needs. Our helicopters can be used for:

  • passenger and personnel transport in both urban and remote areas
  • Surveying and inspection (e.g. pipelines)
  • Land Management & Development
  • Geological Sampling
  • Aerial Filming & Photography

Heavy Lift and Remote Areas

Helicopters excel at bringing goods to areas with difficult access. Whether it is providing a mountain hut in the Swiss Alps with provisions or wether it is bringing heavy machinery and building materials to a remote area in the highlands of Papua New Guinea or hauling water to fight a forest fire for a Canadian Fire Department. Javelin`s helicopters have been operated in a multitude of different scenarios. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements with us. Our helicopters can be equipped for a wide range of aerial operations such as:

  • Fuel drops
  • Stock Feed drops
  • Water bombing for fire fighting
  • Mining support
  • SAR with winch operation
  • Sling power lines or power poles
  • Animal recovery
  • General lifting operations


Special Utility Aircraft

We can provide clients with special utility helicopters that match the toughest circumstances and environments.

We have models that are specially equipped for medivac services and patient transport solutions for medical emergencies. Equipment also. includes stretcher, defibrillator and trauma kit.

Other helicopters are prepared for Fire & Flood emergency operations that can operate under extreme conditions.

Search & Rescue operations (SAR) require helicopters with long ranges, real time satellite tracking and that can be flown safely over remote areas over long distances and times.


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