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Airbus H125


Airbus H125 Helicopter

The H125 was previously also known as the AS350 B3 and is a record breaking helicopter which was able to even reach the top of Mount Everest. It is a three blade, small-medium utility helicopter powered by a single Turbomeca Arriel or Lycoming LTP 101 engine. Depending on the configuration it has space for up to six passengers.s. The helicopter is able to transport its own weight with an external load of up to 3,086 lb / 1,400kg.

This aircraft is one of the most popular models in the world. It is an incredibly versatile aircraft that can be used for all kinds of aerial work such as agriculture, firefighting, for news outlets, utility inspection and surveys. Recreational activities and passenger transport are possible as well as configurations for emergency medical transport or law enforcement.  The configuration of this aircraft can be changed in short time. This outstanding versatility, together with low operating cost and its capability of operating in high and hot environments make it a great choice for almost all operators.


Small-Medium sized versatile helicopter with single engines and three blades

Crew: one pilot

Maximum Passengers: 4 to 6

Empty Weight: 2,808 lb / 1,274 kg

Max. Takeoff Weight: 4,960 lb / 2,250 kg (2,800 kg with external weight)

Maximum Range: up to 340 nmi / 391 miles / 630 km

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