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Bell 412


Bell 412 Helicopter

The Bell 412 is the direct successor of  the “Twin Two-Twelve” which is more powerful and with a wider range. It is a four blade, medium utility helicopter powered by upgraded Pratt & Whitney Twin Pac (turboshaft) engines with two couple power turbines. It has up to a 14 seat capacity with one pilot and up to thirteen passangers. In cargo carrying configuration the 212 has an internal loading capacity of about 212 cu ft / 6.8 cubic m. An external load of up to 6,614 lb / 3,000kg can be carried. The latest version is the 412 EPI with digital engine controls and a glass cockpit..

This aircraft is just as versatile as its older brother and has established itself as a trusted and versatile workhorse. Ruggedness, adaptability and great performance has made the Bell 412 the preferred helicopter in a wide area from charter to offshore operations, SAR to firefighting. The helicopter can be configured to reach up to 529 nmi / 980km, so even remote areas can be reached.


Medium sized multi purpose helicopter with twin engines and four blades

Crew: one to two pilots

Maximum Passengers: up to 13

Empty Weight: 6,789lb / 3,079 kg

Max. Takeoff Weight: 11,900 lb / 5,398 kg

Maximum Range: up to 529 nmi / 609 miles / 980 km

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