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Airbus H145


Airbus H145 Helicopter

The H145 was previously also known as the BK117 D2 / D3 or EC145 and is one of the best selling helicopters on the market. Compared to its competitors it offers a larger cabin with excellent outside visibility for pilots and passengers alike.  The aircraft exists in a range of different models and configurations. Typically models are medium sized helicopters with four blades with twin engines.. The latest version D3 however has five blades which increases maximum takeoff weight and overall performance and flight stability. Depending on the configuration and model it has space for up to 11 passengers (with high density seating and one pilot) and has a volum of 213.15 cu ft. or 6.04 cu m. The helicopter can handle a sling load of 3,527 lb / 1,600 kg.

This helicopter is one of the most popular models in the world. It is a popular choice for EMS and SAR as two stretchers can be fitted. Its large cabin also makes it a perfect choice for passenger transport while its additional rear clamshell doors also maximize mission flexibility for utility missions. The H145 is also available in an “oil & gas” configuration for exceptional reliability, safety and performance also in extreme weather conditions.


Medium sized multi purpose helicopter with twin engines and up to five blades

Crew: one to two pilots

Maximum Passengers: up to 11

Empty Weight: 3,951 lb / 1,792 kg*

Max. Takeoff Weight: 7,913 lb / 3,585 kg*

Maximum Range: up to 370 nmi / 422 miles / 680 km*

 *specification for latest D3 model

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