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Kawasaki BK 117 D2 Helicopter

The BK 117 D2 is part of the H145 family. The development of the BK 117 was a joint enterprise by German manufacturer MBB and Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries and the BK 117 D2 is the eighth generation of this helicopter.Compared to its predecessor BK 117 C2, the new version comes with a quieter Fenestron rear rotor and 25% more powerful and more efficient Arriel 2E engines. Javelin Aviation currently operates the japanese built version of this versatile and reliable multi role helicopter. It also features the practical additional sizable clamshell shaped rear facing doors. The aircraft can be outfitted with various interiors  to emphasize on useability or greater comfort level. The BK 117 D2 is a medium sized helicopters with four blades with twin engines. The helicopter configuration can be changed easily for different missions and can be equipped with a winch.

The BK 117 D2 is quietest helicopter in its class. This helicopter is a great match for all kind of survey and aerial work. In addition it is a popular choice for ambulance services and firefighting tasks. The helicopter is certified to operate in hot and high environments.


Medium sized multi purpose helicopter with twin engines and four blades

Crew: one to two pilots

Maximum Passengers: up to 10

Empty Weight: 3,807lb / 1,727 kg

Max. Takeoff Weight: 7,385 lb / 3,350 kg

Maximum Range: up to 292 nmi / 336 miles / 541 km

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