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MD 520


MD 520N Helicopter

The MD 520N is a light and versatile single engine helicopter which originated from a Light Observation Helicopter for the United States Army.  The 520 N helicopter features a revolutionary  NOTAR (No Tail Rotor) anti torque system. This system significantly improves noise reduction and decreases maneuvering accidents.  The helicopter was designed to combine the maneuverability of single-engine helicopters with the speed, power and efficiency of larger multi-engine modles. It has space for up to four passengers.  A maximum useful external load of up to 2,364 lb / 1,072kg gross weight can be carried.

Due to its small size and the NOTAR system this helicopter is a great choice for aerial observation, utility and law enforcement work. It is also frequently used for executive transport. Due to the mechanical simplicity of the main rotor system a high reliability at a low cost is provided.


Light  multi role helicopter with single engine and five blades

Crew: one to two

Maximum Passengers: 3-4

Empty Weight: 1,585 lb / 719 kg

Max. Takeoff Weight: 3,350 lb / 1,519 kg

Maximum Range: up to 264 nmi / 304 miles / 489 km

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